Research and Teaching Appointments


The University of Sydney

2021 – 2024 (Current)


STELLAR Industry Project

Stream Leader

The University of Sydney

2021 – 2024 (Current)



Robinson Fellow

The University of Sydney

2020, 2024 – 2026



The University of Sydney

2015 – present



Sydney Tectonics Consortium

The University of Sydney

2017 – 2019


Deep Carbon Observatory Sydney Project Lead

The University of Sydney

2015 – 2020


Postdoctoral Research Associate


The University of Sydney

2015 – 2020


Teaching Assistant

The University of Sydney

2010 – 2014



Research Assistant

The University of Sydney

2008 – 2014

Combine geological data and numerical landscape evolution models to understand the rise and demise of massive reef system (NW shelf

PhD/Hons student supervision, Research Assistants, public outreach, community software infrastructure development, etc.


Leading one of four research and development streams

Improving plate tectonic reconstructions and mantle flow models for the last billion years in industry applications

Numerical models to de-risk and optimise mineral exploration, and reduce footprint of exploration on the environment


Develop a community/open-access digital time-evolving tectonic observatory to study planetary habitability, climate change, and perturbations to the global carbon cycle




GEOS1001 Earth, Environment and Society (300-500 students, large introductory class)

GEOS4001 Honours Geophysics Coursework (2015-2020)

GEOS2111 Natural Hazards: A GIS Approach (2015)



Managing and developing models and data products for industry partners in energy exploration

Supervising a team of research assistants



Supporting the “Modelling and Visualisation” arm of the US-based 10-year Deep Carbon Observatory project

Using evolving digital Earth models to study planetary carbon cycling



Manager (shared role) of the ARC Basin GENESIS Hub

Papua New Guinea stream leader, with a focus on global and regional plate tectonics, paleogeography and geodynamics

Supervision of Research Assistants, Talented Student Program projects, Denison Scholars, and Hons/PhD students


GEOL1501 Engineering Geology 1

GEOS2115 Oceans, Coasts & Climate Change

GEOS3103 Environmental and Sedimentary Geology

GEOL1501 Engineering Geology 1

Outreach at university, high school and public events


Implementing regional and global plate tectonic reconstructions using GPlates

Generating community geological databases

Contributing to GPlates logic and testing

Generating GPlates sample data and tutorials